About Me

Why am I here? 

The reason for my posts are purely out of inspiration and love. For me. You. The world. My upmost desire is to create something beautiful and allow it to be an inspiration to the world.

Who am I?

Lef to right: I'm the second to last one! 

My name is Krystle and I am a plant-based foodie. I am a not-so-simple 23 year old college student who enjoys the act of pleasing others by doing what I love, which is expressing myself through some type of art form. In this case, it's photography, food, and health. I really enjoy being crazy with my boyfriend and friends, and love to document as much as I can through the art of technology. I also love makeup and being crazy. Did I say that already? I'm new to the world of vegan (at almost 2 years) and blogging so please bare with me being a newb.

You won't find any ounce of hate or abuse here, because I have left that lifestyle behind and I don't have any desire to be near it again. I rather avoid the labeling and refrain from calling myself a vegan, though in technical terms, I am one. I lead a lifestyle of being as trendy as I can and I think being vegan is classy. Clean. No killing involved. Compassion through everyday living is always a win.

I started cooking in 2012 after quitting my cooking job at a barbeque place. I was 30+ pounds too heavy and I started to feel the heaviness taking a toll on my health, so I started working out 5-6 days a week. Through healthy eating and exercise, I lost the pounds and wanted to become even healthier by trying out the "vegan" thing. And guess what?

Here I am, a year and a half later, sharing my love for life with the world because that is what veganism has taught me: to love life to the fullest. I am stronger, happier, more confident, compassionate, and goal-driven because of this lifestyle. I used to hide in the shadows of everyone, and people knew how passive I was. Now, I lead by example because life hit me. Being vegan taught me to love myself by loving others and to stay as shameless as possible in whatever I believe in. No filters needed! I hope to inspire all earthlings, vegan AND non vegan alike, to hopefully break the myths that have been circling around veganism for ages.

You can find an array of posts here, but the main focus is on health and food. The personal posts will come, though. Be careful for those posts.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you all enjoy your visit here! Namaste x

Quote Of The Week

"Doubt kills more dreams than failure eve will."

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