About Minty Anne

Hello! My name is Krystle. I am a photographer and vegan blogger. Get ready for a short glimpse of my mind because this About Me is about to get real cray! WELCOME to my obsession of creating emotion for the world to enjoy. A.K.A. Taking a whole lot of photos so you can “OOooOOOooO” and making a whole lot of food so you can “MmmmMMMmMmmmM”.

But it’s not just about snapping photos like a crazy person and making uber amounts of food. It’s more about the emotional power I offer you……..Uh, what the do you mean Krystle? Well, you see…I am a blogger living in Los Angeles sharing my knowledge about creativity, photography, and food. I hope you can delve into my little life and ignite sparks of meaningful actions, thoughts, and/or inspirations in your own life. Did I even say that right? Lol.

Minty Anne is really all about


-healthy vegan food

-unhealthy vegan food



-creating cool sh*t

All of which I like to believe I’m a professional (using this term loosely) at.

You can read my FAQ below for more info about me if you are really curious!

I’d like to remind you that this space is all about forgetting the edited, apologetic version of myself. Embracing my funk (even if it smells). Having said that, I hope you know I’m as just as human being as you. I make mistakes. A lot of them. And talk about them in every single post. This About Me isn’t even perfect (tbh it’s only my first draft and it’s 4:41am and I can’t sleep).

I can guarantee you that this is a space where you, too, can be imperfect, let your commando grow, and be a badass in the kitchen even when no one thinks you are.

Hoping you have a fantastic day <3,


FAQ Coming Soon