When Life Gives You Lemons…


When Life Gives You Lemons…

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Minty Anne has been a long time passion project.

Many times I wanted to give up this passion project. At one point…life happened, things changed and I tended less to M.A. I hustled real life opportunities, buuut I was never able to bounce back Minty Anne. Many times before, I drafted my art for you to see, but exit & delete it before I post because I didn’t believe I can make any real impact. I’ve ate dirt, slept nearly not enough hours in a week, hustled so many projects that I failed to tend to what I truly love.

All of my career opportunities came from M.A. After 2 years of investing my free time and money, I was able to make a good living outside of Minty Anne (I never expected this to happen), but I was no longer in the right space mentally to rejuvenate what helped me in the first place. Idk how or why I got to this point or how many times I’ve gone back and forth, but now…life is throwing some new lemons at me and I’ve gotten really tired of my own bullshxt.

I have never told this truth to anyone.

I’ve tried to mold Minty Anne into what I thought was a good idea at the time:

  • the nana bowls (thank goodness that trend is done because my flappy tummy still reminds me of it)
  • raw til 4
  • raw
  • all healthy
  • all unhealthy
  • flat lays only
  • no oil
  • HCLF
  • overly dressed food

I’m not saying I’m not about that trend life…I love trends!! I’m also not saying I won’t ever do any of the above again…In hindsight, trying to fit a “mold” to be similar to others wasn’t the best idea because my purpose wasn’t to fit a mold.

It’s time for me to shift that energy to Minty Anne. Liiiiike, full force. Minty Anne is the last shift I need and want to change. As I evolve, I want M.A. to evolve, too!

I’ve forced myself to create bad habits into amazing ones. I forced myself out of an extremely depressive lifestyle and cultivated an inspiring space and positive energy around me. Six months ago, I was in a totally different space mentally & physically. These past two months have been the hardest. Now, I’m ready for yet another chapter in my life. 

One thing is for sure though : NO amount of money will sway me away from my M.A.’s main purpose  : to create, help, inspire. You may see me gone for a week or so, but you def won’t see me selling out to be a watered down blogger.

Having said that, the content here will change! As it changes, I want you to know that what I am showing you is what I was always scared to do…Be my complete self. (but dont worry, still lots of food 😍) If you’re not into this, theres always many other bloggers in the world you can follow…even though I’d love for you to stay. We can grow together, ya know what I’m shaaayin’ *cue cardi b okurrrrr* 🙂
Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope your day is filled with happiness…and if it’s not, be that happiness!

<3 Anne

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