Why Blaze Pizza Is Important to Vegans

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Why Blaze Pizza Is Important to Vegans

Why is Blaze Pizza so important to vegans?

If you have ever been outed by gatherings with friends because they ultimately chose to eat at non vegan eatery with no vegan options other than a bed of salad, then you might in some way relate to this post. It’s not so much of a pain since we do offer so much on the table giving up meat and animal consumption, but you gotta agree with the fact that it is hard to eat out with friends when there are very little places that offer decent vegan options. And I’m not just talking to my LA folks. Ya know we LA’ers are lucky!

This is why Blaze Pizza is so important.

I was invited to a sneak peek tasting at Blaze Pizza in Pasadena for a night of making pizza with one of ZAGAT’s top rated chefs Bradford Kent. Of course I had to go. Who says no to pizza?! It was fun, I even made a video about it!

Who else makes their appearance? Daiya’s new Cutting Board Collection Mozzarella Shreds and several new pizza flavors. I decided to focus more on the Daiya’s new shreds because let’s all be real, they are the one’s who asked me to come! So unfortunately, because the new flavored pizzas had meat on it, I passed on them all! Lol. I think I was too excited to actually try the new vegan cheese :).

So let’s get to it. The top reasons why Blaze Pizza should be so important to vegans.

1. They are available almost everywhere in the U.S.

Let’s be very real. Not everyone has vegan options available in their area. Sometimes the only options are Subway and Mcdonald’s. Let’s not get into a conversation about those two places lol. There are about 237 locations nationwide and I assume that’s only the beginning. You can find your nearest location here. We vegans no longer have to go to a thai place all by ourselves anymore. We no longer have to eat alone!! (this is my case a lot of the times)

It’s a blessing how many times Blaze Pizza has literally saved me when deciding where to eat with my family. I have a big family, so I am really grateful that Blaze is freaking delicious enough to have my family eat there with me!

2. They welcome inclusivity.

We need more restaurants to offer better vegan options and Blaze Pizza is leading a trend that will become the new normal. I advise all restaurants to pay close attention to how meaningful little steps like adding fun, not boring salad options, to your menu can really make a difference for business. Not only do they offer Daiya cheese, but ya know it’s so easy to accommodate to anyone’s diet here. Every single crust option (unlike some other pizza places I know) is vegan friendly. They are also transparent with their ingredients and that is everything we need in this day and age. They offer gluten free options, too. I mean, if they offer gluten free, you know it’s real. I’ve been saying that alot in this post haha! #noshame

3. Because Daiya Shreds, duh!

The new Daiya shreds are the real deal. Real real real. They are stretchy and melt better than their previous shreds. It truly reminds me of cheese! Here are a few important ones deets about these shreds:

dairy free

-gluten free

-soy free

-made with 100% plant-based and non-GMO ingredients


-better texture on pizzas

Check out their website here for the full scoop on ’em!

And as far as I know, if a restaurant decides to update their vegan options the moment a new crafted Daiya product comes out, ya gotta respect them. That’s why this is #3. To me, that means they are aware of the vegan community and how excited we get when a new vegan product comes out. Trust me, I know! Good marketing strategy, because I’ve been there way too many times after the sneak peek tasting!

It’s a short list but hey, I really truly believe we should be more hashtag grateful for eateries and restaurants that offer more vegan options and why I believe Blaze Pizza will be around for a long time. If you’re reading this Blaze, I am waiting for y’all to offer dairy free desserts. That will get people going!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below! And uh, what are you waiting for? Give yourself an excuse to drive to Blaze Pizza. By yourself…or friends. 🙂


I love you! Have a beautiful day <3


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Daiya Foods. Regardless, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.



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