July Food Eats + Video


July Food Eats + Video

Hi everyone, how’s it hanging?! It seems like I am so used to writing and posting on Instagram that I have neglected the rest of my social media outlets! But today is a bit different because I want to show you all, who don’t access Instagram as much, what I have been eating! I’ve always had the thought that many wouldn’t check my blog posts since I am not a full time blogger and do not have the means to create my website in full just yet, but I do see a few of you visiting everyday due to the hits I receive whenever I open up Blogger. As always, the food I eat is vegan, though these past few months I have not been eating as healthy as I would like to. Hence, the 10 pound weight gain, hehe!

Some of them have recipes that are on Instagram and I have yet to post them here on my blog. Let’s get down to the list of what foods I have eaten this month!

These are my go to pancakes! They are vegan friendly and are SUPER easy. Curry veggie pancakes. I used store bought pancake mix, add soy milk to it and mix until a thin consistency. Then, I vertically slice lots of green onions with basil and spinach. Salt and pepper and fry in a non stick pan! Voila! The white sauce is cream cheese mixed with warm water, lemon, basil, and pepper. The second sauce is warm water, peanut butter, and vegan hoisin sauce. 
This one was fun, it is not too healthy. Surely, this is one of the best breakfast meals I’ve made! It is chocolate protein oatmeal with blueberries, and blueberry filled mini waffles with a maca cream glaze. 
I eat breakfast everyday! Hehe, I never miss it! This is banana chocolate pudding with caramelized bananas, strawberries, and Ginny Bakes vegan cookies. 
This was a meal shared with my older sister. She made awesome garlic fried rice, just like my mom’s classic filipino version. I topped the rice with Gardein vegan “chickn” wings with a beautiful soy glaze and sesame. MMMM. The side salad was sour cream fluff dressing with spinach and strawberries. 
This was a vegan Biscoff caramel cheesecake with a graham cracker, almond and date crust. I topped with delicious melted chocolate that froze up since the cheesecake came straight out the freezer! Added figs, oreo crusted mini cheesecake bites, coconut, and mint. This one was pretty epic, but my skills at writing recipes are not so epic, haha! 
This one has a video! It’s my favorite way to eat healthy ice cream. I eat it often and I have a little cute video showing how I made it here below! 🙂
This also happened. Since weather has been so weird in LA, I decided to fake my summer of rain with ever so humid tendencies by pitching out a lovable orange, spinach, and banana smoothie. This is a creation made by my boyfriend, which is also very freaking awesome.
One of my favorite photoshoots to this day. I painted this wood board to start off on of my distressed wood projects and used it to create a beautiful look of this simple yet creamy vegan chocolate superfood milk with boba, date Oreo crumbs, and mint! I gobbled this up in like less than 45 seconds. I added 15 seconds because of the chewy gooey boba!
Let’s take a look at how BOBA shines into your eyes like pizza does when it’s hot and ready for you…
My super awesome healthy homemade one ingredient ice cream melting in my hands outside on a hot sunny day! This consists of a protein powder(chocolate flavored) ice cream with cookie crumbs, a protein bar, a slice of banana and strawberries all inside of a chocolate cone. ALL of this is vegan. TF?!
This was huuge…and delicious! I could not eat it all though…the glass does not seem big, but its basically big foot trying to fit on my tiny hand. I used Ginny Bakes healthy apple crumbles with chia seed puddingm, green mango and peanut butter. I LOVED IT.

Cute little breakfast: Bear State Coffee cold brew coconut milk & a strawberries and blueberries on a sweet vegan cream cheese and a local bakery’s chocolate wheat bread. I also added fresh mint from my backyard and oranges to finish the meal off! (CODE for 10% off Bear State Coffee: minty10) 
These yummy rich chocolate brownies were made as a surprise for my boyfriend for our anniversary! I surprised him with these in a fake book from Home Goods. He loved it! They were store bought and are also vegan friendly. Adding Oreos only made it undeniably better!

That’s pretty much all I could do for this month. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed a bit of my foodie life. 
Ok, but in all honesty, I’m still trying to figure out if what social media site(instagram, youtube, or this blog) to choose as my main source of all information. Considering the time I’m able to give to this beautiful hobby of mine, I haven’t been able to ponder enough. I do not expect this to do justice, but I do expect it to give you some inspiration in ANY FORM. That’s all I want, really! Take something from me and use it to your advantage! I give all that I know, all the time. I also mentioned a code that was given to me, as well as their product(s), in exchange for my use and review of their product. Be sure to check disclaimer below. Thank you and have a wonderful day where ever you are! <3
Signing off, 
Krystle xx
DISCLAIMER: Some of the products mentioned in this post have been offered in exchange for a well and honest review of the product(s). The opinions expressed by Minty Anne and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of any affiliate company or troll.

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