Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse (w/ Pressed Juicery): My Experience + Is It Just Hype?


Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse (w/ Pressed Juicery): My Experience + Is It Just Hype?

I was full of sunshine to know that there was a Pressed Juicery in Downtown LA very close to my school because in many cases, I would have to drive 20 minutes or more to get to somewhere exquisite. The LA based bloggers on my insta-feed were posting juice cleanses here and there, one of which were Pressed Juicery!

I’ve been very eager to write my experience with my one day cleanse of Pressed Juicery juices. I was informed by a dear friend of mine of a deal that consisted of a one day cleanse for current students. Given that the price nearly cuts in half, I was so compelled to join in, especially since cold pressed juices are all the hype and are fairly pricey for a college student like me!

I stopped by the location where I was then greeted by Boris, the perfectly energetic man standing against the counter of what I call the “juice fest bar”…well thats what my boyfriend called it. In a vlog that I will introduce later, he revealed himself as the manager who was my ‘go to’ for my first time adventure at the juice bar.

Process of buying the product:

1. He asked me if it was my first time at Pressed Juicery. In my case that was indeed so! I proceeded to tell him that it was also my first time doing a cleanse in a long while and my first time doing a ONE day cleanse. I informed him about the promo they were offering.

2. He began to take out a piece of paper explaining how customers, depending on their experience with cleansing, chooses different cleanses. They had a choice of: (a) first timers (b)people who juice often (c) people who want to keep calories down. They may have been another choice, but I can’t recall at this point. Sad sad, I’m sorry! So I wanted to choose the first timer one, even though the low calorie choice was favored by vegans and the like.

3. He proceeded to take out the most popular juices and little sample cups for me to try them….ALL! You are free to choose which juices to try, which is awesome!

4. After the tasting testing, he pitched an offer separate from the promo of their essential waters on a juice cleanse: aloe vera and chlorophyll. I kindly turned down and zoomed straight to check out. My boyfriend loved the “Green 3” juice and regardless of the ($6.50) price, he bought it!

5. We finished our vid shots and headed off with a farewell by the ever so fantastic Boris. If you see this, you were awesome service! Thanks a bunches 🙂

Start of the cleanse:

I was given several little tip cards on how to drink my juices for the day, as well as some tips while on my cleanse. It was highly advised to stay hydrated and drink lots of tea, if desired of course. I sat at school studying most of the day so water was my only option. The cool thing a lot of people, and even I, did not know about juice cleanses is that you can indeed “cheat” (like most people think) and eat fruits, veggies and nuts if you want some solid intake.

You are supposed to drink in 2 hour intervals.

Juice 1: Greens One (spinach, romaine, fennel, cilantro, orange, pineapple)
-super easy to drink

Juice 2: Roots 2 (carrot, kale, romaine, spinach, parsley, apple, ginger)
-bit lighter/easier to drink
-already felt sick of it
-wanted solids really bad
-less compelled to drink it all
-took about half hour to drink it

Juice 3: Citrus 2 (pineapple, apple, lemon, mint)
-happy that this had a citrus-y taste
-still, difficult to intake
-took about half hour to drink it all

Overall feeling as this time: not hungry, energized, focused

Juice 4: Green Three (kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger)
-easy to intake
-enjoyed the taste of this towards the evening
-no cravings
-no hunger

Juice 5: Roots 3 (beet, apple, lemon, ginger)
-hardest to intake due to the spicy-ness of the drink
-felt a bit groggy
-not hungry
-no cravings

Juice 6: Signature (brazil nut, spinach, romaine, vanilla bean, dates, sea salt)
-favorite drink out of their line
-so easy to intake
-started to have a very LOUD stomach

Overall experience:
I know this probably wasn’t the most entertaining and informative experience to read, but I’m not that experienced in writing reviews or “experiences” so I really apologize in advance! Aside from that, I enjoyed the cleanse! I feel a reset for my body and I never really felt cravings like I had in the beginning stages because the juices were so pretty that I was hypnotized to drink them. I’m not kidding. Kudos to you, Pressed Juicery! Honestly, if I dished out more money to take it 2 days further, I probably would have barely made it but I think it would have been really worth it, too. They were also really damn delicious and filling! I admit though, I feel like there was no detox effect with this. Of course, it should not have that effect.

Pressed Juicery is great for you if:
-you can dish out $48.50 + tax for a one day cleanse
-heavily need of a reset
-want to try a high quality cold-pressed juice cleanse
-you catch a promotion that applies to you (like the student promo I had)
-you travel throughout the day
-you want a kickstarter to lose weight (cleanses are not to lose weight)
-you plan to cleanse regularly (they have a program)
-you want a clean, smooth start of a new lifestyle change

Pressed Juicery is not great for you if:
-you aren’t picky/worried about paying for your health ($$)
-you aren’t in California (its only in CA)
-expect lose weight off of it

Remove the “fad” from cold pressed juice cleanses!

A lot of health professionals like to look down at this new “fad”, but please do NOT let that scare you away from trying juice cleanses. Many claim that fiber is stripped away and wholesome vegetables and fruits are better. And it is true, you will not get the fiber from these veggies and fruits in your juices. Although, many have benefited from juice cleanses, which is why juice cleanse businesses are doing well in their work! It is not some pill, and even though there are claims on the placebo effect, it does not hurt your body in any way. Fruits and vegetables are great for you, it’s easier to digest, and indeed filling. Haven trouble with stool? Cleanse can help. You won’t get poisoned off of drinking all the sugars from fruits, either (oh dear how I have read and heard this countless of times)! Everyone should have a one time experience (at least) with cleanses, it won’t do any harm. 
Just try it.
It is not just hype.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or comment below, happy cleansing! 🙂

Krystle xx

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