VLOG: Vegventures The Beginning


VLOG: Vegventures The Beginning

Times have been busy ever since the new year has started and I’m pretty proud that I’ve been more productive than ever in my 23 years of living! I’ve been very eager to post videos with what I feel will help me with self promotion, self love, and my need to feel more confident in front of others and myself. I find it absolutely imperative to attain love within yourself in order to flourish love indefinitely onto others. Being fearless is a part of this process and I have started to approach life specifically in this way.

Don’t you ever feel like sometimes social media just gets the BEST of you? You constantly look at things that don’t seem threatening to the soul until you realize you compare yourself, your life and the things you possess from these pictures, articles, and videos on the internet. Suddenly, you become insecure, internally trying to settle down the voice in your head that tells you you’re not as great as others because they have more. If this has not happened to you, then great! I plan to be like you, being fearless at whatever comes your way…

Though I have changed into a positive individual, I still have a part of me that lets the opinions of others get to me. Ultimately, this year will change that. I am NOT going to say hopefully, I’m going to make it happen and take over social media the way it has taken over me! 🙂

Having said all this, I want you to join me! I want you to use social media as an advantage and not just a pass time. Become an inspiration in any way you desire by educating others with an idea of what YOU are all about. I don’t mean posting constant selfies. Of course, unless there is a meaning behind it that others can attain. I’m saying you should give more and take less, offering everyone what you feel you know best. You will not end up empty handed, nor will you seem conceited promoting yourself. You may begin a noob, but all experts start that way! Whether it’s from how to fix cars or how to be the best paramedic, photographer, or parent, do it with love and do it for the purpose of creating something fabulous within yourself. Before looking through google for ways to become purposeful in life, take a look within yourself. Try new things and become something different everyday!

Sorry for the rambling, I never usually right paragraphs for fun hahahahha. 🙂 I just really want you to realize how GREAT you can be by simply looking at your qualities you already have.
Here’s the video! It’s very simple and to the point…and very awkward. I plan to change, I promise!

Thanks for watching! <3
Krystle xx

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