Salted Caramel x Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cookies: Review


Salted Caramel x Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cookies: Review

Holy moly. I went to Whole Foods on a much needed whim last night to hoard all the expensive things I can buy there. And I actually did not burn my wallet like I had expected. *50 flips in the air* If you know Whole Foods, I do not need to explain how it’s Disneyland in there for some. I sometimes dream to live there, you know…I can sleep on the shelves and slowly clear out all the non vegan products to the trash. *it’ll day.

Haha. OK. So I am writing about two things: Califia’s Farms Salted Caramel Ice Coffee with Almond Milk & Whole Foods Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

1. Califia’s Farms Salted Caramel Ice Coffee with Almond Milk


It is bomb. Bomb diggity bomb-er than starbucks anyday.
     First of all,

  1. It’s dairy free. Don’t want cow juice, nope.
  2. It’s soy free. We all know moderation is key.
  3. They have salted frucking caramel + other flavors!
  4. It’s GLUTEN FREE. 
  5. The packaging is BPA free.
  6. Great for vegans because one serving has 50% B12 daily recommended intake. 
Taste: I have the salted caramel flavor. Tastes exactly like salted caramel. The saltiness is very distinct. It reminds me of salted cameral chewy bites. It exceeds delicious. You get that aftertaste like you do all coffees. 
Smell: Smells like salted caramel, too! As it should because it shouldn’t smell processed.
Texture: Smooth like silk. What else can I say?
Overall verdict: 10/10. I’m not a coffee person, but for some reason I wanted to try it because it’s vegan. And you know us weirdos. It was a delightful drink that I enjoy over the starbucks drinks on the shelves. Not because it has cow juice, but it’s a healthy alternative. We try anything NOT by animals, duh. I would buy this wholesale at Costco if it were available. Is it available? Omg…I have to check now.

2. Whole Foods Chocolate Chip Cookies

This. Is. Another. Story.
I love Whole Foods.
I love the donuts they make on site.
But these cookies…
They were sooooo incredibly hard to the point where it was virtually inedible for me to chew on. 
Taste: They taste good. Really, they do. The ratio of chocolate chips to dough is nice. 
Smell: Oh lawd, they smell delicious! What cookie doesn’t? They look fine as wine, too!
Texture: This is what ruins these cookies. I was so disappointed when I tasted them after I got into my car. They were chewy, but like actual toffee chews. It makes the whole cookie experience unenjoyable. Maybe I had a bad batch, but either way I’m not sure if I’d risk buying these again. 
Overall Verdict: 2/10. The texture would have brought it all the way to an A+. Just watch out for these on your next whole foods trip. I’d opt for the vegan donuts instead.

UPDATE: Holy cannoli! I warmed these up, suggested by my best friend and they are sooo soft. The staleness (is this a word?) disappeared. They become edible and crunchy when you dip them in non dairy milk as well. It’s a win win. Crunchy and soft? Noms. I give these a 7/10. I wish there were instructions to these, but then again, why would a box of stale tasting cookies need instructions?

I’m currently trying out what I like to post. This one was a fun one. I zipped straight through it! I am probably horribly up to par with other reviewers, but I am always accepting feedback! Do you like these posts? Should I be less ghetto and more professional? Anything is appreciated! I want to be tolerable to you. Cause don’t we all want to be at the very least? 

Thank you so much and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Krystle x

Disclaimer: I bought these with my own money.

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