Adventures Are Minty: Animal Acres: MY 1st time!


Adventures Are Minty: Animal Acres: MY 1st time!

I volunteered at the Farm Sanctuary Animal Acres in Acton, California and I popped a lot of cherries. As in firsts. As in I never been. As in wow…hat a fruit-freaking-ful experience. I came wanting to help with catering for One Veg World, as we were serving all the guests for the “Celebration for the Turkeys” annual event. The little time I had with the animals before serving was definitively the most peaceful experience I have encountered with animals, period. Being a new vegan, I never realized how grateful I am in this lifetime to be able to have choices and humility and compassion. Every animal felt loved, every human felt at peace, and I was ecstatic the whole time. It became even better when One Veg World told me to take out my camera and start snapping photos for this event! I never have taken photos for anyone other than myself. Honestly. So this was my first time handling any typ of event. I was nervous, but completely threw on my game. Now I’m definitely going to invest in some real photography classes!

Here are some photos:

This veggie medley looked so delicious in front of my face, where it was most of the time!
Bruno was the sweetest!

These were

Not sure if this is a great pic, but I enjoy the serenity it gives my mind.

Beautiful salads.

These remind me of Aladdin! WTH!

I don’t know if this is a good shot, but it’s my favorite!

I’m looking at that last picture and totally wish there was more light. Post production is rough for me with photos, I’m not entirely sure if what I’m doing is correct. But nonetheless, this experience was worth learning from. 
I encourage EVERYONE, Anyone…to experience a day at any animal acres near you. If only I had more time with the animals, I’d be able to give more insight on how the whole experience is like being with such wonderful beings. I spent most of the time taking pictures and plating food! Well, until next time! 
Krystle xx

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